A collective nostalgia Classic UGG Boot trigger

The old saw in February or August, wearing UGG Classic Boots. May now clothes style tens of thousands of, seasons are is mess wearing UGG Classic Tall of season sight by and the Department, Chinese, and Han type, and European dress of people may common income fundus, more wonderful of is, modern breath strong of bright color and Shang century 80 generation popular of Army Green also was people like, wearing harnesses loaded of meimei and wearing sailor ' s striped shirt of brother led hand and line, UGG Classic Tall Boots and UGG Classic Short Darling of the Boots with the girls.

Confusion, please? Not really, because all of these are classified as pop out. Why are things of the past can no longer popular? One user may be able to answer: not wearing a sailor ' s striped shirt and Cheap UGG Tall, remember.

Music pop cover, films and pop the revamped and sequel, furniture market is playing the "retro" brand, fashion is like "nostalgia" market, in 2006, after a men's fashion brand launch of imitation military uniforms, recently, an international luxury brand unveiled a man with a pattern of high collar UGG Classic Tall, user claimed cost up to $ 34,000. But its style a exposure, many netizens exclaim: "it's not do as a kid my mom knit UGG Tall Boots, through my 20 years ago. This Cheap Ugg Tall Boots after they have been posted online, causing netizens buzz, has attracted a lot of friends to show off when Baiely Button UGGS. It is clear that both pictures show, or as literal show, convey meaning there is only one: gexiu isn't Baiely Button UGGS are memories. "This style, weaving me when I was in college my mom had one. Although the fashion world can't see my mother figure, however, that she still has her legendary! ”

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Looking back, the friend Bo is causing important figure in this trend. The afternoon of September 2, when he caused by hot Sand UGG Tall when transmit photos to Twitter, wrote if you want a descriptive text. Two days later, he joked in a microblog: "do everything through the mother as a child weave similar to ' warm ' student Cheap Tall Boots, you can post information to the brand MOM's company, and ask if they also lack doesn't lack Designer. ”

"High school drove through, but so expensive. Thanks, MOM could have had two pieces of sth Now, the brand new UGG Classic Short for cheap gap with mother is: 20 years behind. "One user's above comment caused wide empathy, is forwarded in one day nearly 30,000, reviews more than 4,800. It is clear that through the "warm" Cheap Tall Boots, and there was every commentator behind, there is a fashionable MOM.

UGG Classic Boots, Grey UGG Classic Tal,UGG Classic Short for cheap,Sand UGG Tall,Cheap UGG TallHowever, time retrogression 20, even rarely was think this and "fashionable" "fashion" such of vocabulary has what relationship, on like had can wearing mother is satisfied that of thousand layer end shoes Shi, is total flow with saliva see then just rise of plastic end shoes regardless of soles more thin more hard, even mill feet, are does not willing to wearing "soil was off slag" of UGG Classic Tall has. Today, the needed things of life, everything on the market, but just as meals in restaurants have not like the taste of home, hand-made fine goods, there is no "mother card" warmth. Of course, in addition to the mother, protagonist of memories there will be others. 20 years ago, lead the fashion world today is not just the Baiely Button UGGS, as well as "DIY" made at that time, many adult females will weave UGG Classic Short, give yourself a warm loving people. Watch Grey UGG Classic Tall, going had to weave their own Cheap UGG Tall Boots ' mother, aunt, aunt, sister, aunt sth In this sense, behind every comment, but has a warm memories.


Classic boot eternal classic

boots classic,ugg classic boots,classic ugg bootsMalaysia Ipoh, cities are divided into the old town and new town in two parts. Old buildings in the city the ancient, narrow street, new town is a modern building. Kinta River to commemorate the coronation of George v was crowned King of England, built the Park. But the best known is a suburb of the UGG Classic Boots, mainly in Perak, tiandong, Tung Wah Group of three security holes, South Cave and Dragon rock. Ipoh is a mostly urban, Perak State was known as "UGG Classic Boot", because there is high, the highest in the world of Tin production, and wear flows through the city of Ipoh is the base camp of Tin in the Kinta Valley. Is cut in two by Kinta in Ipoh city, for the old urban areas in the West Bank of the River, for the development of new towns on the East Bank. Ipoh UGG Classic Tall Boots, General Post Office, bus station and the old streets of UGG Classic set in the West Bank, as the xinshi Street on the East Bank, hotel and restaurant. New and old streets walking tours, takes about 20 minutes. Ipoh to collect tourist information enquiries should be directed to State Museum opposite the tourist information centres.

 Characteristics of the natural landscape, architectural sth Ipoh old town not only thick, full of new vitality. Ipoh railway station of Malay as the UGG Classic Boots is the typical Moorish style architecture, modelling aesthetic, commonly known as the "Taj Mahal of Ipoh", and compared to the Kuala Lumpur railway station, no less, become important landmarks of the Ipoh tourism. Ipoh railway station and Railway Museum, station platforms, parking to keep the whole variety of old locomotives and UGG Classic Boots, mediating on old friendstill here you can feast their eyes on. Upper floors of the station building incorporating a railway hotel, has a long history and is good place to stay overnight. Located in Ipoh city a limestone cave 5 km in the South, where the mountain called Classic UGG Boots, Lapa "group get together" was intended. In the temple to watch natural stalactites and stalagmites.


KUALA KANGSAR is a Malay dynastic seat Classic Boot, where in addition to the splendid buildings, all of Malaysia first rubber tree species here. In 1877, the Englishman Ridley rubber seeds from Singapore to the River with sand, making Jiang Shacheng as Malaysia's first rubber industry area. The Royal Museum is a very peculiar building. The whole building is complete without the design and building process was not used to a nail. KUALA KANGSAR to the Church is Malaysia's most beautiful churches, it represents the pride of the local Muslim and belief. Back to the gilded dome of the Church and the light beacon, is Islam the perfect buildings the best witness.


In Ipoh, 24 kilometers away stands Malaysia biggest natural rock hole--Boots ClassicThe 1.5 km long cave believed to have existed since 8000 BC, rock hole is made up of five great dome, and each has a different shape of stalactites and stalagmites in the dome. In 30 minutes by car South Ipoh at the Waldorf Gajah, Kelly with an ancient castle, the Castle has many secret rooms and secret tunnels, and road to the Castle along terrain contours, showing a maze of pathways, making this place more added colors of mystery and romance.


Early winter irresistible fresh mix

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In early winter and the oncoming, aesthetic match this season, not only on the beautiful, is important not to ignore the warm and thin, a short, refined UGG Tall Boots, a beautiful dress, specially second mashup, that is layered and taking surplus attractive clothing. Hold this coat feel that warm, comfortable soft UGG Short Boots, soft and delicate, brought to you feel better, detachable design are free to choose, slight shoulder pads designed to facilitate practical pocket, retro single breasted was to surprise you.

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Polo collar design, is PU material with comfortable plush mosaics above, brings touch of comfort, sleeves and the body has a mosaic of PU material, skirt design of oblique zipper, are all increasing the overall sense of bead shape. In autumn and winter, the streets are to be found all kinds of UGG Tall Boots, smart match out of a variety of styles. The cold weather, temperature also grace. Xiaobian recommended several autumn UGG Tall for us, clever mash prepared for cold, warm feet gas field.

Loose UGG Short Boot, black fabric, neat fabric, gives a very cool feeling, rounded lines the lower hem of a gown, showing a very relaxing leisure colour, fluffy fur elements of Polo, more luxurious atmosphere. Black and white Tweed fabric coat, slightly charming retro atmosphere, relaxed straight-tube version, an unbridled sense, is very easy to wear, fashion, UGG Short Boots, gives a very luxurious fashion. Chilly wind swooped down on the Earth, to be a freezing winter beauty, even without the summer the Sun is shining, but there are also romantic snow of winter with you before, prepare several losing tweed coat, more thin Ho Miu Ling Nethersole United States use.

Exquisite short lines UGG Classic Tall Boot, deep color, full of elegant color, exquisite short model, wore very able, slightly cropped styles of your waist so more slender waist line, reflecting the enchanting Lady wind. Flowers little UGG Classic short boot elements, delicate, small collar, full of charming atmosphere of the able, short of fine solid modelling is very smart in the able, skinny cropped, make the line more clearly defined and extremely capable of color. In autumn, with a pair of UGG Classic short boot, not only can improve temperament, also dressed in a slim posture. Minimalist styles, fresh mix of giving people clean elegant feel, deeply affected people. Xiaobian recommended for everyone some UGG Classic boot, late autumn dress up matching, wild skinny high in popularity.

Rabbit hair element people can't help falling in love with at first sight, retro fashion. Small wind in Europe and America, Delta short skinny design, high quality and material, easily captured people's hearts can be stylish with simple wear take. A mixture of types, convergence waist, attractive figure show. Neutral strong handsome atmosphere, star full fan, creating cool, skilful, playful little American girl. Match UGG Classic boots with shades, styles of love.