when the Jets do go with a third jersey

jets jerseyPart of the problem with trying to come up with a new-but-iconic look for the jets jerseys is that they don't have anything nearly as iconic as those old Senators barber poles in their history. On top of that, the Jets' original looks were more-or-less borrowed from the Rangers.
All the fuss only for that? That redesign does not deserve teasers and whatnot. It is an okay design at best, just an Edge-ified 1990's Jets jersey with a darker shade of blue and some almost-invisible accent colors. Many Icethetics designers could have done this or better, and they don't get the star spotlight that Mr. Barrette gets. And worst of all, in my opinion, is the crest. It looks too simple, with just a wordmark in a circle, like it was done in 10 minutes. Taking out the winnipeg jets jersey in the original logo is not simplifying it, it is denaturing it.

I do like it, but I worry that if the Jets do go with a jersey that is similar to their old ones, they will just go that way and the new jerseys and everything they have done for a new franchise will be lost. I like that the old Jets are being remembered, but they are not this team. I want this team to continue to have its own identity and not go back to a franchise that they aren't. There are too many teams that come out with throw back cheap winnipeg jets jersey that end up coming back and being their "new" identity. Since I don't see the Jets as the same franchise they were in the 90's, I really don't ever want to see this jersey on them. As much as I do like it. I like the balance of old and new - just because it's simple doesn't mean Jacob didn't work hard. Subtlety can be tough. Not sure how I feel about the missing jet. I didn't like the text shading when I first saw it, but it's growing on me. I'm curious as to why he went with a dark third and not white. Winnipeg was on of the few teams that prized the white over the dark jerseys.

Brief word to the whiners: Knocking this jersey for its "lack of originality" is like knocking the Leafs for their third Cheap Jerseys. The point is for it to be a throwback design with modern updates. He's not reinventing the wheel here. And to every person that feels the need to tell us all that you could've done this... here's my question: Why didn't you then?No one's calling it perfect — least of all me — but at least appreciate it for what it is. An effort to start a movement. It worked once. Why not again? And I'm sorry for the "whiners" crack, but that is kind of what some of you are doing.

So there's a lot less to work with in the first place, but the fact that the logo doesn't include a jet seems like a miss. The longest-serving Jets logo, 1973-1990 I believe, included a jet in a circle. The new Jets' primary mark is a jet in a circle. There's your link between old and new right there. With all the pains they've gone through to link the new Jets identity with the RCAF, I'm hoping a future 3rd Hockey Jerseys resembles the '48 RCAF Flyers to a degree. But those Senators 3rds are beautiful, I'll give you that.

Winnipeg jets jersey looks fantastic

winnipeg jets jersey,hockey jerseys cheap,jets jerseyLooks nice. Has all that was loved with the old mixed perfectly with what really works with the new. A perfect 3rd Hockey Jersey Cheap for the Jets. I can see this on the ice very soon. I agree. If Senators fans could do it, it should be a piece of cake for Jets fans, who practically forced their ownership's hand in bringing back the Jets moniker. There's no question it can be done.

Don't really like the way the end of the "J" sticks out of the logo and I don't really like the colour of the number font. But over all I think its a good design and I liked the shading of the letters in the jets logo but that "J" really should have more than a silver outline. As for the design, I asked Jacob about the lack of a Jet in the crest on this winnipeg jets jersey — an element featured in both of the Jets' original primary logos — and he was quick to point out the lack of balance it created, as explained above. But personally, that was the only flaw I could find here. Tomorrow, we'll go into a bit more depth with Jacob in a brief interview. He'll also answer any questions you may have about his New jets jersey, which bridges the gap between the original franchise and the current one. Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Do you envision the Jets wearing this sweater someday soon?His Heritage Jersey design for the Ottawa Senators inspired fans. So much, in fact, that in just a few short years it morphed from a simple concept into an NHL uniform that defines the hockey history of Canada's own capital city. That flowery language may sound like an exaggeration, but I challenge you to name another NHL fan who's managed to pull off what Jacob Barrette has.

Fantastic jersey mockup! Nice blend of the old and the new. The Jets should have hired this guy to do the winnipeg jets Home jersey. I'm not a Jets fan but, if I were, I'd start a petition. Two nights from now, that fan-favorite Senators jersey will be worn by the Daniel Alfredsson & Co. for only the third time ever. Today, Jacob embarks on a new campaign to revive and rejuvenate a classic NHL uniform. In the last few days he declared, "We weren't gonna bring them back, without bringing it back."His subtle teasers this week led many of you to accurately predict that Jacob was working on an alternate jersey design for the Winnipeg Jets. And it couldn't have come at a better time, as the Jets are more than likely already looking at future third jersey possibilities. I'm a huge fan of the updated sens jersey (I would happily update it for home and away jerseys, might ditch the vintage white though) but this sale jets jersey stinks. Like Jacob's original stab at a Senators jersey, it's far too simple. This jersey needs something. Let's start with the logo, the original Jets logo used a hockey stick to create the "J" and also added an actual "jet". Jacob has removed both and the result is a rather bland logo and jersey.