Uggs Classic youth from the feet start

UGG Classic youth from the feet start, striped shirts no longer is our original mind sailor ' s striped shirt, and 1-transverse stripes or vertical stripes have been slightly pale and lonely. So we have to learn to skillfully striped shirts the base, both to maintain the vitality and sense of fashion. Pairing scheme: combination of horizontal stripe shirts and Suspenders skirt with sand, UGG Australia and vigor of young girls to the photographer. Wear a pair of grey Legg g, modified legs under the 1 line or error-free. Match programme: pinstriped shirt hem exposed straps to chrome edges, m-touzhe sweet. Striped shirts and short skirts blocks with the same color, and shirt formed echo. was shixing tide people huddled in Hong Kong, Hong Kong clothing 1 to a fine in the name of reference 1 pairing methods to them, makes fashion for, elegance and intelligence fusion of happiness. Exquisite combination: Pearl silver gorgeous shirt exaggeration Brown bats UGG Classic official website, and interpretation of modern sense of the city. Beautiful combination: exotic ambience strong UGG Classic, chic belt on the waist carry, soft shine through in the cold. Combination of exquisite: combination of sand cotton shirts and bright skin small putting greatly UGG Classic brand low-grade early winter the cold wind, hollow out scarf is the detail of the decorations. Exquisite pairing: Red-Black two-color flower pattern shirt, using hyperbole to fashion Butterfly Festival, Delta short UGG Classic highlight the playful and bright skin capable.


Would like to happiness easily spend the winter. Useless to spend big money to dress up our own, just to be ready some equipment in UGG Classic, to be a fashionable female, 1 cut should start from basic equipment to UGG UGG Classic:7 sleeve cotton shirt is pretty Classic, both warm and apply. doll gown is the most commonly used complete girl happy Chinese official website of UGG snow boots, lace or trim, it is best to interpret things.Equipment UGG Classic: printed blouse is sweet choice for girls on the ground, such as the flowers age, surely have to dotted with flower patterns, pure elegance. Li people seriously under fading business wear and put on blithely as casual wear, and 1 new taste. Their UGG's official website to feel free and casual wear, in addition to inherent sense, specially is the key combination. Combination analysis: Hat shirt with Brown combination of movement and the connotation beauty two styles, dynamic tidal influenza. Combination: between day red colors UGG Classic hem at waist 1 knot, with a nostalgic ambience.


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Same as UGG Bailey button on different occasions without errors

Modern urban women, and sometimes thin shirt skirt and gray suits, shuttle on different occasions, that crosses a variety of roles. UGG Bailey Button autumn and winter UGG series for every occasion, every role make careful design considerations: the elegant Galleria bag showing the dignified and noble heiress style ; Fine with satchel Solari exudes animated personality; refreshing neat business qualities of the Ugg Classic boots have a special grace and light UGG handbags are both suitable for leisurely leisure afternoon tea or cocktail happy hour.

Boots the iconic round square Rotary lock remains this season UGG Bailey Boots UGG; the finishing. Severely cold metal luster and Spain fine calf skin textures complement each other. Smooth lines with rounded corner the entire fashion and classic UGG Bailey Boots series show a female tenderness. UGG Bailey Boots internal key chain, the front of the envelope bag and 5 capsules at the bottom of the metal nurse nailed, every detail reflects the spirit of design of Boots in every possible way. Kate Moss Kaite·MOSI and LONGCHAMP hand UGG Bailey boots series and new products, new cylinder is the flagship models were still in UGG Bailey Boots on the models. Conforming to the trend in autumn and winter, cylinder UGG Bailey Boots in flower color and seasoning on the cortex, launching a color style against the leather and snakeskin, there is also a must this winter wool Pack. In addition, two zipper purse is also tactile.

Cooperation in several series, UGG and of their own unique personal style into classic boot, UGG Bailey boots have become a much-sought after celebrities of the tide. Latest fashion from the Boots Paris Show, fall/winter 2011 series small essential UGG Bailey Boots is becoming an overwhelming and unexpected classic accessories.

Used mink fur, suede and Napa soft skin, matching micro-stitching technology, the new Boots mini UGG Bailey Boots will participate in the global "UGG Bailey boots modern Everbright city" activity and put on sale exclusively in the boutique. Will Boots Centre shop will be put on sale exclusively 4 Mini UGG Bailey Boots. 2011 fall/winter, launch new UGG Bailey button UGGs series bags. The classic essence of most high-end leather, in unique way perfectly combine old handicraft of all contemporary, shows the elegant without the underline.

Neat appearance, with a strong sense of structure, at the same time both delicate and soft. Classic frame model based on unique and innovative structure of re-interpretation, using the "en forme retourn é" style rebuilding process, inside and outside the compound materials of bag after you complete the form flipping, resulting in efficient structures, clean styling, and softer in radians.

UGG Bailey Boots series have a perfect ratio of frame structure, get rid of all superfluous detail. Metal frame wrapped in leather, zipper open close, rather than heavy metal parts. When the bag is opened by a big margin, see luxury cream soft Nappa Sheepskin lining and camel tones with a subtle. Hidden at the edges of the gold-coloured UGGs logo shows a low-key atmosphere, gold lock match the exquisite keys, metal pole at the bottom of foot further enhance the usability.

UGG Bailey Button Sand series featured by tannery by the best research and development of top leathers: leather luxury satin lubrication, with soft and subtle luster, and Box skin closely resembles Leave scratches but not easy; smooth leather smooth soft, with subtle matte effect, and match contrast colour satin leather trim; black Spazzolato selection of leather is more Hale; another 4 kinds of snake skins and a black crocodile leather to choose from. UGG Bailey button sequence with two dimensions, but also there are two different styles are used. Caught in the fashionable personalized under the arm, arm in arm you can add a woman.