I was hoping the Boston Bruins jersey would be red

Boston bruins JerseyHoward has been a Leaf beat reporter for as long as I can remember. He calls a spade a spade, and I think we can look past his grammatical errors and appreciate the bottom line he always provides. Ding ding ding. We have a winner! I'm sick of seeing them in those blue pajama practice bruins black ice jersey. How could reebok ethically have done that to them? Thank god someone in the leafs organization is fixing this travesty with the waist striping. I think the sweater looks good with a shoulder patch, but the NHL was always tacky to me, i prefered the leafy patch. Lighten up man, it's Christmas! eafs fan and we really need to leave that stupid off the jersey. They need to go back to the jersey with the old maple leaf on the shoulder if they're not going to go back to something more older looking. In case you weren't aware, the scuttlebutt in Columbus is a new 3rd jersey will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the franchise. The Leafs need the stripes! As for the NHL shoulder patch, I'd prefer to see the leafy leaf make a comeback instead. I really love the current third. It has the basic design elements from yesteryear, but it is updated to look fresh and modern. It really is the best of both worlds and the slug is obviously horrible. Very good news. I don't care what they do with the jerseys as long as they keep those ridiculous striped socks. It's 9 king stripes on those socks, three wide and six narrow. I know they've had that design for many years, but it's absolutely horrible. No team could get away with introducing socks like that today. I like their current 3rd white cam neely jersey colors. Way better than what they have. Get rid of the yellow. But I'm not a big fan of their 3rd so I'd take a whole new design here. I like the current alt as an alternative to the freakshow that is their primaries. So basically whatever they come up with can't be worse than what they are currently wearing?

I'm a buffaslug hater, so I'll be glad when that logo's gone. I've always liked the Predators jerseys for some reason. Of all the expansion teams and moved teams Nashville and Colorado are my favourites. The black ice lucic jersey were even better though so if they go back to that I'll be happy. I'd rather see a new logo that puts an emphasis on the team name but the original logo is popular and includes both. I'd rather see Nashville ditch the awful name, logos and uniforms and get something totally new. But since that won't happen, it's nice to know that some changes are in the works. Their Rebook jerseys have been very ugly so going back is good, but please Philly get rid of those ridiculous name plates.The third is their best sweater even though it looks too much like a classic Leaf design. It needs gold though. If my favourite team, the Canucks make changes, I just hope they don't keep that ridiculous "V eating Johnny Canuck" shoulder patch. I hate that thing! I always wonder how Berger has become such a big name in "Leafs Nation" the guy just follows the team around and reports on what's up with them. He's a fine reporter, but to think he's some guy with ALL the inside scoops seems a little far fetched to me. Larry Quinn has said the Sabres will have a new third White Jordan Eberle Jersey next year. I would bet the yellow B with the Sabre is on the new third jersey. The Sabres use that logo with the current third jersey logo on most of the stuff in the story and anything they said the season ticket holders. The slug is only found on the current jerseys and the jumbotron. So glad about the Flyers! What good news! And those nameplates are very nice! It's weird at first but I really like it. I never like the edge version of the Flyers.

Just like the 1st comment I like the white taylor hall jersey without horizontal line at the bottom. I would have like the Leafs to use their current 3rd and make it primary on road and create a home-version of it. I think that Pittsbugh will go back to their navy blue jerseys with the Penguin on the yellow triangle. I wouldn't be too mad. You should almost consider putting up an Oilers 2010 watch as well. They're going through an identity crisis right now. I wouldn't be surprised if something happens the next season. Their "throw-back" thirds are their current "Home" jersey while we still see the copper and blue "Away" Cheap Sabres jersey on the road. Every now and then we still see the dark copper and blue home but I'm afraid Katz, landed a new and clever marketing tool. It's funny that the Canucks are always in the discussion for new jerseys, regardless of year. Must be fun for Canucks' fans to always expect something new every single year. everything the isles advertise is the 3rd jersey so i have no doubt theyre going to the retro look full time.i think nashville will stick with the blue clasic look and that new logo on the 3rd pants will get more use the new white buffalo jerseys are gonna be so nice. but Johnny is here to stay whether you like it or not. To be honest, I thiink that logo will only end up on a third Cheap Tyler Ennis Jersey someday, nothing more. Or they could use the full bodied logo instead. He has too much of a history behind the name of the Canucks to be trashed. Ditching the slug is a good move. I just wish they would go back to their original design all together. Love their current third's crest, but I hate the reebok vertical piping and gray armpits on the current third.