Just saw the white Canucks Henrik Sedin jersey

The coolest thing happening right now is the Wenatchee Wild logo design contest. The NHL junior team is looking for a new look and has turned to the talented artists who frequent Icethetics. I'm sure you've seen it, Most important, no one is forced to enter so no one is being taken advantage of. I believe contests like this yield a better result in the end for these small teams because of the sense of competition. That being said, I would find it completely unacceptable for a professional organization to do. But that's not what we're talking about. but in case you haven't, click on that bright orange tab at the top of the page that says contest.The winner gets $200 and a white Henrik Sedin canucks Jerseywith their logo on it! And even if they don't win, you still have a chance at other prizes if they like and want to use your work. Full details can be found on the Contest page. The deadline for entires in aprlt 20.The 2010 edition of the NHL ToL is humming along nicely. Over a quarter-million votes cast in the last month and they just keep coming in. Logo tournaments were how Icethetics got its start back in 2007 so it's cool to see they're still as popular as ever.This is awesome news. I've been wishing someone would make a goalie mask library. As for other leagues, yay, and I'd like to cast a humble vote for the NHl. According to the information I have from Reebok, the Ducks will be adding an alternate jersey this season. Their home and road sweaters will remain unchanged.The Boston Bruins are not among the teams noted by Reebok as changing their uniforms for the 2010-11 season. That includes the third jersey. the Bruins have worn their where to buy Vancouver Canucks Jerseys cheapthree times since the big event. This has led to speculation that the Bs could be pushing toward making it a new alternate in the near future.

I did want to address one thing,Obviously this Jagr jersey flyers design isn't exact. But based on what I've been told, it's probably a good estimation. We'll have to wait until this summer to find out for sure. I very small minority have expressed disapproval with these design contests we hold on occasion. Some say it dilutes the talent pool and takes business away from "established firms," which is really just another way of saying it increases competition. But mainly they don't think the prizes are big enough.ust like the Ice Bulls, it's not as if the Wild would've gone to some massive design firm to spend thousands of dollars on a new identity package and instead chose the easy way out with a fan contest. They don't have the budget for that anyway. Chris, one thing that's kind of made me crazy is trying to figure out the exact colors of NHL teams. Would it be possible to make a page that lists the pantone or rgb information for each clubs primary colors? It will be royal blue with buffalo in a white script across the front, containing the vintage logo with the player's number underneath. The concept here to the right is my own rough rendering of the description I've been given. I've added the traditional striping and colors. That would be so useful to me. While I'm dreaming, I wish it could include past flyers orange daniel carcillo jersey and defunct clubs. No one is losing out. What they want is a new look created by someone inside the hockey/design community a fan.I'm working on a new feature I think might come in handy on occasion. If ever you were looking for a list of NHL logos and how long they've been around, who designed them, and so forth. The wait is almost over. The Icethetics Yearbook will have you covered. Planning to roll that out within about a week or so.Everything is rumor until it becomes official. That being said, the following information is believed to be as accurate as possible. Teams are listed alphabetically. Highlighted text represents updated information.

While I'm on the subject of new features, one of the more long-term plans involves a Goalie Mask Gallery. I am ready to see some us junior logo tourneys! NHL could be fun next year with the new teams. Sadly, my Iowa Chops won't be able to finish in the bottom five because we are still indefinitely suspended.At least my Des Moines Buccaneers can finish second to last in the NHL poll!They both suck, but in different ways. Like the new one looks too overdone and high school esque. Very 90s goatee and whatnot. The classic just looks odd. We did a goalie mask tournament that Roberto Luongo's helmet won. But not a true "gallery" with shots of current and past masks from multiple angles and that sort of thing. It's going to be a big project. That's why I call it long-term. Of course I need to get back to updating the evander kane jets jerseyGalleries first. But a lot of you have asked about it and I just wanted you to know it's on my radar. As the Flames have already announced, they will be bringing back the red retro jersey that was worn for a handful of games this season. The major difference is that it will be adapted to the Reebok Edge cut. The striping will remain as is. The home and road sweaters will not change. A lot of work for one person who also has a regular job.Not to mention we'll eventually start doing the vesa toskala cheap hockey jersey tournaments some of you have asked about and maybe even goalie masks again. That list is not the end. It's just a start. The Sabres will be undergoing big changes to celebrate their 40th anniversary season. Their current third jersey a throwback with some modern updates will take over as the home Martin Havlat Jersey sale, as has long been rumored. Sky's the limit.he way this works is each time I have an update I'll be copying everything from the previous JerseyWatch post and adding in the new information. This way you don't have to search around for past posts. Everything is in one place.


Regular jerseys they're wearing for the season

winnipeg jets blue jerseysThird Winnipeg Jets cheap news is upon us! The final two from this year's class of third jerseys will be unveiled before the end of the month the official word from both the Colorado Avalanche and Florida Panthers. Does anyone else find it ironic that in celebrating being green, the team will have brand new jerseys made that will only be worn once? I'd guess by the Shamrock on the shoulder of the 'Hawks jersey that they're for a St. Patrick's Day game. Also the Ontario Reign will be "Going Green on Halloween" whatever that means, complete with a special green jersey. Is there anything less green? Even if they are auctioned off to raise money, that doesn't really help reducing carbon output does it? Then on saturday the jerseys will make their on-ice debut when the Avalanche host the Canucks. Here's the excerpt from the site regarding the big event. With the help of assistant captains Milan Hejduk and Paul Stastny, the Colorado Avalanche will officially unveil the team’s new third jersey on Thursday,when will the stars wake up? they used to have really interesting green jerseys. what the heck is that mess they're wearing now? i hear so many people rip on the ducks and others, while ignoring that the stars evander kane #9 winnipeg jets blue is now complete garbage. Those Blackhawk green jersey are legit. I saw a guy wearing a Toews one at an Ice Bears game. Amazing jersey in person.The Avs will then wear the third sweater for the first time on Saturday. or sure I'll be watching that game thanks to my new NHL GameCenter account. Seriously guys, I've never wasted so much time as I have since I started having every NHL game readily available to me. If you want a sneak peek before Thursday, Icethetics has posted a few leaked images. If you want to be surprised, don't click that link. Couldn't agree with you more. The sheer hypocrisy of using chemicals, fabrics, and other wasteful materials to produce hideous green jerseys for one night's use to be disgarded after 2+ hours of wear is just staggering. if they aren't official they should be - as I am sure they would sell like hot-cakes in Chicago. I know there are a number of fans sporting them at the games that I have been to at the United Center.what was with matt walker's sweater last night vs the leafs [if you caught it? his Pittsburgh Pirates Jersey on sale was missing the nhl crest from the front. is this some sort of promotion in tampa?

As for why they are silver, I'm not 100% sure they are. If anything, it's probably just made of the same material as the shoulder trim on the Red Sox cheap, probably just because it reflects the light better. It doesn't mean anything. Some other observations: For one thing, it seems like a safe bet the new third will be blue sad since the home jersey is already blue. thanks for letting us know who the haack was that designed the most hideous looking logo on the planet. which we are forced to look at on the shoulders of our team night in and night out. The sabres have been doing a green thing for the past few years. Theres a bunch of tv commercials about recycling and they usually turn off the lights for each period break and stuff. Thank God for the third jerseys. It's been rumored the Cats will go with a template similar to the Wild's red home jersey and from this image, it appears they're joining the Predators in launching a simplified version of their primary logo.The release doesn't go so far as to say whether there will be an unveiling of any kind or if the unveiling will just be the guys skating out onto the ice in the new threads. I'll keep you posted. Within the next two weeks, all will be revealed. Just wanted to keep you guys up to date with where we stand. The hue between yellow and blue is quite a popular topic these days. Most of us understand it in the figurative sense a method of curbing our effect on the slowly heating planet. Others take it in the literal sense. n any case, the release doesn't specify as to whether these jerseys will be auctioned for charity or saved and worn again in the future. All it says is that this is "the first time in which the IceHogs will sport green uniforms." As a citizen in Saskatoon and a fan of the Roughriders, I completely disagree with their decision to wear these cheap Phillies jersey. Although I am a fan of the Riders, Canada's colors are red and white. Those are the colors we should be representing. Did they wear a special jersey for any other place they played? Did any other teams?but this is going a little far. If they want to represent, or whatever they're doing, for Saskatchewan, maybe just put a Sask. flag somewhere on the jersey. However, it is nice to be recognized by Canada as being a really great hockey location, this just wasn't the right way to do it.

The Hunter Pence Youth Jersey will be auctioned online. I completely agree with you Rye, I myself am a huge Roughriders fan although not from saskatchwan. I wouldn't think anything of it. First of all, these are the old jerseys. You can tell by the purple stripe along the bottom, and the lack of the NHL shield logo at the collar. I'd just like to mention how ironically, with this pence youth jersey hockey canada is actually recognizing saskatchwan as a great football location, not a great hockey location. kind of insulting really. I mean way to remind the country that you have no NHL team, rub it in why don't they. The event takes place from December 26 until January 5 in Regina and Saskatoon. The Minnesota Wild are going green this season for yet another reason having to do with neither the environment nor a pro football franchise. The club is going back to their roots with a new green third nfl Patriots Jerseys which just debuted last week. Leuschke was offered his dream job when he was asked to design a word mark for the newly formed Minnesota NHL expansion franchise. Since I was a small boy I had an interest in art and lettering. Handwriting was my favorite subject in first grade and I liked to copy the emblems of professional football, hockey and baseball teams. I’ve never been much of an illustrator, but graphic drawings especially those containing letterforms were always a big pleasure. When I got the call to design the word mark for the Minnesota Wild back in 1997, it was an especially nostalgic thrill to do something I dreamed about as a kid. And finally, breaking away from the green theme entirely, here's an interesting article. It's all about the hockey glove and its unachieved potential as a fashion statement. If that wasn't enough of a reason to click through, perhaps this will do.

who wouldn't want one of those Hockey jerseys

JerseyHere's the third to the left. Well the Montreal Canadiens once replaced their logo with that of a globe because they were the world Champions sometime in the 1920's I believe so hershey isn't the first team to dedicate a sweater to a championship. I really like the Stockton Thunder jersey. Those Gems black white Henrik Sedin Jersey cheap have a similar striping pattern to those of the defunct Quebec Rafales of the old IHL. I think that's pretty sharp. The other jerseys, not so much. Very reminiscent of our favorite Reebok Edge designs, what with the interrupted striping, curvy tails and the team name printed across the ass. I have to finish up by going back to the NHL. Like someone said before, the Hershey jerseys were a celebration thing, and they did indeed auction them off after the game. I don't disagree with the use of the jerseys, as the money does go to charity, but I do think that the Calder Cup stripping on the bottom was over the top. A little too showy, but these guys just won the cup, and they deserve the right to show it off. In Reaponce to the Bears. They are not the first to wear dave schultz jerseys. The NHL Turner Cup Champions Fort Wayne Komets wore Jerseys in the 2008-2009 season that had the Turner Cup on the Front of the Jerseys. Our Jerseys were Plain white with the barely any other coloring on it. Wish I could Find a photo. Know we are Back to back champions and looking for the 3-peat!I saved this one intentionally. I've seen teams wear patches to commemorate a championship victory. But I have never seen an entire sweater dedicated to blatantly bragging about it. Check out nhluniforms.com and you'll see that the Habs from 1924-25 and the Sens from 1921-22 both decided to brag about their Stanley Cup wins with their jerseys. This is the powder blue schedule. Is it me, or does it look like they're trying to use it against non-foes or out-of-conference matchups...last year, as a Ranger fan, i got to see them battle the powder blues. I don't see any Flyers/ Rangers / Devils games using the powders. Those number plates on the Stockton Thunder looks like the old Milwaukee Admirals number plates from the late 90's early 00's and the Mississippi Surge jerseys look like a complete rip off of the Minnesota Swarm Indoor Lacrosse jersey with a couple of the colors switched up. Not to take away from Hershey's accomplishments, but if I were an opposing team I would not want to lose to a team wearing those jerseys.

The yellow Gems jersey seems very reminiscent to the Winter Classic Kimmo Timonen Jersey with the trumpets. The Dayton Gems retro jersey is a classic and should have been the primary home jersey from day 1. The road jersey from that same era should be the primary road jersey as well. Pretty much an eyesore! For those that don't like the Hershey jerseys, they auctioned them off after the game, if that is any consolation. I am a huge Bears fan, but I do think they could have done something a little less "look at us" and a little more "this is symbolic of our history" like the Islanders with their stripes. My parents have season tickets, but they couldn't make the game last night, so my girlfriend and I went, and I was really hoping to see their new normal jerseys, only to find that they were wearing a white version of those Calder Cup jerseys. their first two home games, they wore those jerseys. Home opener dark, second home game. If i played against the Bears or the gems i'd make sute To take a coule of extra strides before nailing one of them in the boards. Just to remind them that wr're playing hockey, not parading on some crazy fashion conceptor's catwalk. the rochester jersey is a nice nod to the past. but hideous all the same. the stockton jeseys are original and unique. i personally have no problem with the colby armstrong leafs jersey cause its the sphl, come on those jerseys are nice compared to some. there are not enough words to describe how ugly daytons jerseys are. the only one that has some dececency is the retro. i like the new bridge port jerseys. i did like how they used to where orange instead of white but the islander retros look good. To the best of my knowledge, the Gems retro jerseys are not part of the team wardrobe. Those are just replicas that you can buy from the sportsretro.com website. I went to a Gems open house a few weeks back and they only mentioned and showed off the home, away, and 3rd jersey. I also happened to be wear a retro replica to the event and had one staff member ask me about the jersey before he proceeded to show me pics of the 3 jerseys they will be wearing this year. i have nothing to say about the Blue Jays jersey shop. except for what a mistake they are. finally chris you missed the new Texas Stars uniforms. Chris, I'm not sure why you hate the new Islander jerseys so much. I think they look great. I hate the vintage ones because the bottoms stripes are so bold and ugly but that is personal preference. Yes the Bears are a great team obviously by winning the championship every team in the league already knows that. There also one of the oldest. Now if a team formes in the 80's won 10 championships that would be impressive. But winning a championship in a league where most teams are moving from city to city when your one of the original teams is not impressive at all.

Hershey's logo and all those cups are horrible but at least the jerseys are nice. I love the Amerks brought back the stars and strips jersey. I bought one when they started wearing them in the 90s. Too bad I won't root for the team anymore after the breakup with the Sabres and the former owner is a doucebag and the new owner seems like on too. I like their colors. I grew up an Amerks fan, but as my favorite players moved on and up to the Sabres, my fanaticism moved with them. With the previous affiliation, it was easy to be a fan of both, but I have been torn ever since they separated, leaning mostly toward the Sabres. Where am I going with this? I loved those Stars and Bars jerseys when they wore them previously. That's the one non-Sabres jersey that I've always wanted. The Wichita Thunder used the same jersey template back in 2006. I wish they would've stayed with those jerseys. Link for those jerseys are below. I actually agree with Dandy. I like the Islanders jerseys as they are. I absolutely hate the striping on it. Just because they're classic, doesn't mean they're good. The Thunder's jerseys are the only ones in this post that aren't hideous. Seriously, can teams not come up with anything better than that. so the chicago black ice jersey may be throwbacks, but that didn't help the Habs in the ugly department last year. Those Mississippi Surge jerseys remind me of the player customized team ea Storm from the NHL series. Anyone else notice on the new NHL Center Ice ads that the hem line is straight across? No more of the curved hem that makes the hockey jerseys look like jammies. Is this some foreshadowing of things to come? As previously stated, the Habs did the same thing early in their history. I believe the logo was changed to a globe. It will be the first of 12 scheduled appearances for the blue “third jersey,” which has its roots in Penguins history of the late 1960s. The Penguins switched their official colors to black and gold in 1980, and did not wear blue again until the 2008 Winter Classic. Last season, the Pens adopted the light blue design as their official alternate uniform. The Kingston Frontenacs of the OHL will be wearing a special Hockey Penguins Jersey cheap for their Military night Don Cherry will be in Attendance, I will send you a pic or two on Thursday as the game is Wednesday.