They had one of the best Hockey jersey

While I agree with alot of your choices and why. I just can't agree on all of them. I like the Coyotes but I agree that they could have done more, they really dropped the ball on that one. I love the vintage looks of the Iles, Oilers, Sabers and Pens. I agree with most of your rankings except for a few. In my opinion, Ottawa has the worst third Cheap Bruins Jerseys. They had one of the best jerseys when the entered the NHL, but they have ruined a good thing. The wordmark sens ruined the whole jersey. The fact that you have the Bruins jersey 17th out of 18th makes this one of the worst rankings ever. Espcially with teams like Ottawa, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Phoenix and San Jose in front of them. And any Chicago fan needs to stop crying, it's not that hard to turn a red or white jersey into black. That is so 90s. Same with LA. I would of been more impressed if they went back to old purple and gold.The teams that actually went retro should be all up top. Just one thing, no Cheap Flyers Jersey have ever had those tie up collars. A throwback with one would make no sense. And personally, I hate those tie up things anyway.Hockey Jersey

It comes off as modern and sleek rather than stodgy and boring. I'd rather wear the regular home Hockey Jersey cheap with a pair of jeans, but I actually almost prefer the 3rd for a full uniform. I think Toronto's is better then their home and road jerseys which look like pratice jerseys, but how about going really retro and bringing out a green Toronto St. Pats jersey? I love the Coyotes jersey until they put it on with the rest of the uniform. The red helmets, pants and gloves just don't go with the jersey. For someone walking down the street wearing the jersey it is awesome. I would have raised St. Louis higher i really like the choice of blue. LA's is so boring.. its almost as bad as the Thrashers or Stars. the leafs just threw one out there in my opinion. Philly's is nice and probably should have gotten more mid of the pack. The Canucks, I agree should have gone with green. that'd look mint. i think the reason why toronto did a white jersey is because thats the one they used to wear at home before teams started to wear the dark jerseys at home. they wanted to bring backk an old tradition. I hate the "Bolts" and the"Sens" those to me are the worst choices. the colours on the sens is really nice, but the word is just awful... the bolts again great colour scheme but its like they both called in the front design. Finally there are the sharks. i like this, though i do think its missing something, the shark is just kinda out there, it needs something. Detroit has never had a tie-up. There is plenty of history that doesn't include tie-ups. Personally, i'm not a fan. I don't see why they seem to be a staple of "retro" or third nhl black ice jerseys. At least its not a throwback like every other one up there. I thought this website was free of traditional jersey favoritism and more in favor of artistic quality, but I guess not and it disappoints me. I'm not surprised though.

The Sabres jersey is awesome. I don't mind the sliver and gold striping, I think it improves the jersey. Like you said the sliver piping could go, but it is not the worst thing. I would also dump the front numbers. They don't seem to fit because the logo is so big on the front. They work on the slug jerseys because the logo is smaller. I don't understand why you'd "definitely put a tie-up on an Original Six jersey". The first tie-ups were worn by the Canadiens back in the 1941-42 season. 15 years after each of the original 6 franchaises had started. The next team to join them was the Rangers in 1950-51. Having just gotten back from the Garden, I must comment on the Bruins' 3rds. Taken standalone, as a jersey, they're not terribly exciting. But with the black socks, the whole kit and kaboodle looks amazing. And finally Dallas' might not be the best third jersey, but it is better then their last third jersey. Chicago then added tie-ups in 1955-56, and Toronto in 58-59. The Bruins did not don a jersey with a tie-up until 1967, and by then, the NHL also included the California Seals, L.A. Kings, Minnesota North Stars, Philidelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and St. Louis Blues. First of all, Your rankings suck. Philadelphia 12? And don't give me this "tie up " front. The Flyers never wore a tie up jersey so why would they put that in their retro 3rd jersey? And to put Tampa ahead of anyone? Give me a break "Bolts". Vancouver has the same exact nhl hockey jerseys cheap now, all they did was switch a logo.

Used on a Winter Classic jersey for quite some time

The team that needs the "North Stars tribute treatment" is none other than the team itself, Dallas. I'd like to see the green and yellow make a reappearance. Whatever the Wild do, as many have said, it'll most likely look good. I can't believe it's already been ten years. They've flown by. Columbus should consider a red cheap kings jersey, but then again, they are called the Blue Jackets. Detroit could possibly adopt the Winter Classic jersey as their third, but I think that will be determined based on the jersey's sales. Chris, I agree with one of Leafers' points. For a team that has so much trouble in the sales/marketing arena, you would think the Devils would join the fray and adopt a vintage Christmas third for the holiday season. Even to wear the jersey from late November through January 10 or so would seem like a logical choice, and i'm a Ranger fan ! nce you're still here, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about what lies ahead for Icethetics. Many of you have asked what place Icethetics has in the world now that all the third jerseys are out. I assure you, this site was never about that. It simply got eaten by third flyers black ice jerseys news for a while.

For the Capitals, from the moment they started using their black pre-rbk edge jerseys, I have loved that capitol building logo. So far only two confirmed teams for next year, but I do believe there will be more as we get closer to the conclusion of the 08-09 season. Curtis, great post, it was an interesting read. I agree with Washington needing a third, whether the Weagle or the Capitol building. You have a really good grasp of what to expect. Heck, even Chris should look at your guess! As always, can't wait to see what uptates are coming for the site in December. I really wish they would bring it back in some way, shape or form. Maybe modify it a bit so it doesn't look exactly the same, and definitely recolor it to Red, White, and Blue. I like the weagle, but I don't think it would be that good looking as a primary logo. That's just my opinion though. I think I would much rather see them bring back their original Red, White, and Blue cheap flyers winter classic jerseys with the stars down the sleeves as a third jersey before they use the weagle. Maybe the ideas I come up with in my mind for the weagle being on the front are horrible and I'd just have to actually see them do it or see someone make a really convincing concept for me to like it. I can see Calgary's third next year being black with the old school white flaming C, maybe the same jersey design as the home and away. Again, another black jersey, but what else would Calgary do, yellow? I have to say that I was a little concerned at the start, but now I'm so jealous and want to be a Sens and Bolts fan! I agree on everything about the Canucks except that they should have gone for the orca on the shoulder. The Pens jersey should have been so much lower, because they just copied there Winter Classic jersey. They should have gone with a white jersey that sad Pens across it, although that would be overusing the Lightning and Sens idea. Chicago should have taken there winter classic logo but left the Winnipeg Jets Jerseysdesign. I also disagree on the ranking of the thrashers sweater, because I though that was awesome. And just to tell you, a gold boston jersey would look really ugly.

The Ducks should try orange. If so, they'd most certainly have to change the colour of the D. Those colours would not blend well at all. Maybe make it white with a black outline. The "random foot logo" is the foot of Bigfoot, the mythological sasquatch. Most false Bigfoot sightings have been in the group of states near Colorado as well as in the state. I don't think the logo should still be with the team seeing as how Bigfoot has nothing to do with an Avalanche. Or than again, maybe it's a Yhetti foot. They live on mountains, after all. But if they're planning on a third, blue would be nice. I certainly hope the Panthers don't just return to the blake wheeler jersey winnipeg. I'm not saying I don't want blue, but at least use another logo or something. Maybe just the panther's head. No stick. I'm also going to be introducing a new artist to you guys who will be creating most of the graphics for the new Logo & Uniform History section that will be launching probably after the new year. He's very talented and his work will make Icethetics a resource for information in its own right. I'm very excited about this project. More on that later. The only real glaring discrepancy from my own opinion is Ottawa's. That thing is right near the bottom of my list. You made the point that after seeing it in action it is impossible to hate this. But really it was the opposite for me. I didn't think it was that terrible until I actually saw it in game action.


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