That Blue Jays jersey is actually really cool

I read about doing that with the players, but i can't believe that's their answer. now what the players wear on the ice is crappier quality than what the fans wear in the stands. i still have trouble accepting that extra material is slowing down players nhl much. how do football players do it? why are basketball shorts getting so much longer if material means so much? anyways, check out a Blue Jays Jerseys retailer at some point, or even something like Dick's Sporting Goods, and see if you can find a jersey with "Replica Lettering" to see what I mean. perhaps some of those screen-prints will be there too. That major downgrade in quality scares me more than anything since the original edge switch. Hey I play on a high school ice hockey team in TN and we are contemplating to get new jerseys next year. I won't be playing next year because I'm graduating, but would still like to help out. Well seeing as how there have been no new posts here in 2 weeks and news about the isles wanting to make their thirds into their home jersey with a new away Cheap Blue Jays Jersey on sale based on it going unreported, I fear that this site has gone dead since Chris usually doesn't leave news like that unreported. I am or was an avid reader of this site and have seen some awesome concepts, would anyone like to do a concept for us? but I'll comment when I see something that I didn't already know or some concept art posted on it. I hope it goes far and never dies like icethetics. There is no guarntees it would ever be assembled or anything like that, but I thought some people might find it fun. If you want a picture of our jersey here is a picture of a couple of them in action.

Thanks for the info John, I appreciate getting a more direct phone number than just calling Reebok directly. I always thought the basketball short issue was very interesting. Its a really great example of a subculture having a major impact on a professional sport. just have something to say about this cheap Dustin byfuglien jets jersey, i think its great that Chris doesn't post for a long time and we still have many active users so one thing i think Chris should do is tell us he wants to post much less and create a message board so we can always talk. It is possible that the shorts are baggy enough that they do not restrict leg movement as much shorts that fall in between the classic short shorts and the current uniform lengths. i wonder if he gave up on that or if he's still working on that. In the meantime, Jerseyspots.com has a good thing going, just no comments posted on it yet. I'm not much of basketball fan, so I've never been a position to make to many observations. I really can't add much to the debate at the moment. I've posted my points and opinions, but that's all I've got. This is going to be a time consuming project, and I'm very busy, so I really don't know when this is going to get completed. The Condors will don solid orange to mimic the jumpsuits now worn by inmates. the refs will wear policeman jerseys to keep everybody in line.

So do you guys have any thoughts regarding specialty Brewers Jerseys like these? Personally, as long as they never find their way to the NHL, I'm not bothered. But they do provide us all good lessons in dreadful design. I think i need to get to a game and start taking pics of the ones that fans are wearing. I know they have all sorts of them and then sell them or auction them to the fans. it's insane. They have one for st-patty's day, 4th of july, some hawaiian jersey, a few random vegas related ones, they're actual jersey, now this one. I didn't think the design would work, but then I zoomed in and was surprised. Pretty cool that they went with the digi camo rather than the classic style. I think its great that the minor leagues have such a good sense of humor and a lively spirit to where they can do crazy stuff like was LV is doing. The quirky humor would probably never fit in at the NHL level though, to many fans would complain their little heads off. I like the shoulders on the Wolves jerseys not so much the body though. I know this is off topic but have you Chris or any other user heard rumors of the Islanders moving to Kansas City? If they have some truth to them it would be nice to see some concepts for them. I love the prison Evander kane jersey. with the Coyotes and the Panthers how they are, and the Islanders history, the Isles are not moving anywhere anytime soon, especially not to Kansas, where every NHL team there has folded or been forced to move.

Believe that they are doing this with the retail Hockey jerseys

I think the debate lingers because there are differences in belief of how much reebok was involved in the process. I apologize for the long post, but i gave everything i had read as i was searching for that original article. question for you Ronald, with that sweater, are there any reebok logos on it? I know inside the neck there's a tag, but if they were nice and left it off...i just haven't seen any photos of the back of one of those sweaters and i'm very curious. as for the sublimated numbers, i think that's horrible. the feeling of them is really odd. it's not something that's super expensive, and it makes it feel so much more worthwhile. now there are sublimated Cheap Hockey Jerseys, just like the cheap nfl jerseys, and that bothers me to no end. you simply cannot draw an actual conclusion based on speculation. Also, you briefly suggest that its the uniform style that leads to the poor design. That's subtly different than many of your previous statements, or I'm interpreting it incorrectly. Canada wore their normal uniforms for the world juniors. I figured that the Hockey had moved passed their hissy fit. Though, it would be fun to see Canada wearing those alts from the Juniors, sharp looking, classic style. I don't know what USA would do because their jerseys just have a designed USA across the front.

based upon the Cheap Canucks Jersey designs that have come up, some with horizontal stripes, some without, we must look at rbk's role. rbk was stated to be attempting to include vertical striping, but did not force it. They also wanted to remove the bottom stripes. Therefore, NHL must be making suggestions, and pressuring teams enough that some listened to them on this issue. we can extrapolate this further. the levels of listening. The Penguins and Senators wear the same jersey pattern, so we can imagine that they got a design from NHL and didn't disagree. NHL got their way fully there. Some teams wanted to keep their designs similar, but NHL talked them into small changes, like the Hurricanes, Maple Leafs, Coyotes, etc. NHL got part of their way there. Some teams wanted a new jersey but insisted on looking somewhat traditional, and the Blue Jackets, Sharks, and Stars got those new semi-traditional jerseys, insisting on some kind of normal-ish striping. NHL compromised there. Some teams insisted on changing only what was absolutely necessary, and wouldn't listen to suggestions, which is why the Canadiens, Rangers, Devils, and Red Wings look the same. NHL was rejected there. I'm willing to bet that your hypothesis is more factual than non. Again, and I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but I agree 100% on the 3-layer satin twill as opposed to the cheapened sublimated look. I can't even believe someone would prefer that version. Now does everyone see what John and I have been saying? I might have to look more into these, especially since i'm seeing some of the habs' 100th anniv jerseys as sweaters online. i have to make some decisions because I've been a hardcore anti-reebokist since the 10-template tucked-in uni-system was rejected right before the lockout. I don't have a huge problem with reebok, my problem is with the cheap flyers winter classic jerseys, but the last thing i want to be is a hypocrite.

My hypothesis is that NHL gave designs and suggestions, then pressured the teams into accepting them. Some teams gave in immediately, some held out and only accepted a few ideas, some bargained, and some stood strong. with the black ice bruins jersey, enough teams heard enough complaints that all but a few stood up to NHL and insisted on the design that they wanted, unaltered. That's where I hold hope. We have very little real information to work with, so I have a proposition. The NHL transition is surprisingly divisive and we have all witnessed and been involved with some of the results of that divisiveness. What I propose is that I undertake the task of discovering the roots of what lead to theWinnipeg Jets Jersey Cheap designs that we see on the ice today. I will compose an e-mail explaining my intentions in an attempt to open a dialogue or simply receive some sort of answer to my query. Failing that I will there are some other efforts that I may take. With the results that I receive I will type up a report which will be posted online for everyone too see. I will also submit the article to Chris and, if he doesn't have time to post something, maybe he could post my article. In the meantime I believe it best if we suspend what is a fruitless discussion for both sides. In terms of the validity of the research, well... if I can get replies from multiple teams, then I can see how the stories line up. Also, you guys have no reason to believe me, but I will post what I find and not what I want to find. I cannot draw an actual conclusion, but i feel that this is something we'll never truly, have an answer for, so just like any unprovable theory, you have to decide what the accepted answer is. that answer might change if new evidence arises, but i'm not holding my breath. So i must treat it like so many scientific questions, and work with educated guesses.


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