This should be their primary jersey

Loving the jersey minus the NHL logo stuck on the collar. The worst part about the Ducks' rebrand was that it was clear as day that their Andrew Ladd jets Jersey were designed with the webbed D foot as the crest, and some higher-ups had a different plan. It just looks thrown on and out of place. Colour and simplicity is what makes a great uniform. It's far better than having almost every team have black and/or navy in their look. And to this very day, I long for a return of the Minnesota North Stars green, white, and gold and the LA Kings purple and gold. I have to say though that that 30th anniversary is very sad looking. I was really hoping that they could come up with something better. love the idea, but as a flames fan, cant help but want to yell at whoever came up with the 30th anniversary logo design, it looks just stupid. as long as Bowmeester is holding Stanleys mug high in June, I can get over it. Loving all the retros, but the stripes at the bottom of the flames is too big.Calgay has one of the worst retros. Best one is Edmonton, then the Pens, Islanders, RedWiings and Blackhawks winter classics, Sabers and then the flames. I would like to see them go out of the box and put a white C on a black jersey. Huge fan of retro looks, whether the team is newer or older. I'm one who would be voting to make many teams with archives of vintage looks to make them their full time look. Not to mention using colours other than just dark blue or black. Where have original looks gone? I don't want to have to look at the scoreboard on top of the screen to see who's playing. I want to be able to see it on the ice with the cheap MLB Jersey. They could come up with the greatest logo ever and it would still get lost in the ugliness that is the Ducks uniform. This team desperately needs some distinct colors; their own identity.

i think retros are thing of the past that that need to remain that way, save for a couple special occasions during the season. You know what, I'm sure this was all a very smart plan by the Samuelis. When they first took over the team, they changed the look to not only get away from the Disney era, but to represent all of Orange County, which I really like. as an oilers fan, i was extremely disappointed when they came out with the bright blue and orange nhl black ice jerseys from the 80's.The reason why people like myself love retro uniforms is because the retros represent a time when hockey was just a game before corporate politics came into play and they simply look great on the ice. wore those and it should stay that way. i was hoping the oil would have come up with another genius third as they did in 01. i currently have no problem with the oilers current reebok Vancouver Canucks Jerseys as i own the navy home one myself. i think the reebok design is a sleek and modern look. and calgarys retros are atrocious, Question to ask you: Do you like the beauty and simplicity of the Original Six? Boston's black and gold? The Rangers blue, red, and white? Well, the retro uniforms of teams like Calgary and Edmonton have that very same simplicity. they look like uniforms at a fast food restaurant new change is good for sports so why do people consistently believe these eye cancerous retros are the way to go? From the day they introduced that wordmark trying to pass itself off as a logo three years ago, many of us have been annoyed. Looking back, I do understand the purpose. They were changing the name and marketing had a big role to play. They needed to let everyone know that the team was "Mighty" no more. But we know what he meant. Still, as I said, it's encouraging to see these small but significant changes coming about. The next big change, which needs to happen sooner rather than later, is to have the webbed "D" get the star treatment on the front of those boston bruins team jersey cheap.

The next year, they went to the Rbk-Edge uniform, and everybody wanted to buy those uniforms. Now, this is their fourth season since the name/uniform change, and there are all these rumors that they'll adopt a third jersey this year, one that should be miles better than their current jersey of three years. Yeah i dont understand the red line design but thats whatever,who cares haha. It's about time they update the center ice logo. It looks so much better front-and-center than the wordmark, and if this is at all possible, makes a duck actually look somewhat fearsome. I love the D logo and im pumped its finally being put at center ice. You have no idea how annoying it was seeing the script on ice. Anyways, can we please see them completely overhaul their Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey for sale and logo? There is nothing even remotely appealing about the look of the team. A wordmark as a logo, workmark front and center on both jerseys, and plain black and white jerseys. There might be a splash of colour in there, but it's not nearly enough to even matter. Even my mom was like,what does that say!?!!..hopefully the next step is the jersey! I think it's nice they finally realized the Ducks word mark wasn't really a logo and are now going with the webbed D as a formal logo. With that being said, it's lame. As I said over on PuckDrawn, I think going with a D in the middle of the jersey is a poor idea. The Webbed foot is painfully simple and is going to get lost on their jerseys. The upper part of the Patriots Jersey cheap are basically solid black and its going to wash out the D. It's so easy to use that as the logo and I'm so frustrated with the Ducks organization for half-assing this logo. I'm a huge fan and the team, from the top down is well run, well organized and since being sold to the Samueli's, have been poised to be post-season contenders.

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