This is making me mull over which jersey to buy

Though weird, the black pants and helmet can be explained. I like the color on Colorado's third, but I would prefer a logo rather than just the name written diagonally or across it or in any way, shape or form. When they were moving, they didn't have time to have custom pants and such made up, as both of their colors would have required a custom order, so they had to go with a stock color. Those are Black, navy, Bright Red, and royal. All except black would have been a complete mismatch and look pretty awful, except the royal which would have been close, but not quite right. Same with the black helmets and gloves. In fact, for some games at the start they wore the black helmets with the home whites as well as the aways, until the NHL decided it was too confusing for the refs and had them buy a set of white helmets. And I guess it looked good enough, black will go with most anything, so they kept it. Probably a good thing too, as changing cheep buffalo sabres manufacturers has changed the color at least once. As I write this, Minnesota revealed their 3rd and other than the beautiful green color, the jersey sucks in my book. By the way, if you are still working on a concept and would like to share it with Icethetics readers, please send it along. I'll be posting all of the entries on the Concepts page following the Ice Bulls' official unveiling tomorrow. what's wich making the current top sidebar item white on white? When you move your cursor over it, it's dark orange on light orange, which makes much more sense even out of context. I think the Blue Jackets have a great look with what they have. The logo represents the state of Ohio. That being said, I've tried an Avs jersey on NHL 09 Create-a-team with the blue color, and it just looked awkward because we know them as having always worn burgundy since moving from Quebec. But the Nordiques made this color look brilliant on a jersey without a lot of striping and design, and I'm really hoping that's the basis behind this, if it is true. While I liked the original burgundy third, the blue just looks weird. I like the premise, but as that rendering goes, I'm not a fan. Make the 5-stripes into 3 stripes, and add a singular bottom stripe or the mountain again, and it's cool, but as it stands now, no bueno. A cannon-based third jersey would be a good idea though. The Columbus Blue Jackets have an awesome name, drawing from the Civil War, a nice-looking Andrew Ladd jets Jersey and good colors. Yet they have never been able to get a crest right. That should be the first in the concept series is probably ideal.

That is a pretty bad looking jersey,Thanks for the linkage to the Washington Nationals Jersey cheap world. I'm not a fan of the concept due to the resemblance to the Rangers, and like another poster mentioned, it would be great. Of course, we all have to see the real thing first, but I always thought that the Avs should have a blue third. Lighter shade of blue is a very under-used and underrated color in NHL. As an Avs fan, I am probably one of those in the minority who thought that the old all-burgundy third jersey was hideous. I associate the Avalanche with the burgundy color before I do the blue. Then why didn't you turn comments off when doinjg other tournaments like best NHL logo because that definitely swayed voters. I mean I thought it was great when it was burgundy. The Rangers aren't 'afraid' to put any logo on their sweater. Take a look into history a bit. Rangers original 6 teams. End of story. You don't mess with 100 yr. old tradition for the sake of looking cooler. The NHL is all about retro now, so maybe some sort of design paying tribute to Quebec, or even a blue jersey with the foot. I just really think that 3dCheap Brewers Jersey should get some type of approval, I was under the impression the whole reason to get new jerseys was 9a. to clean up the league. If that was the case than Atlanta would of been told to do a whole new jersey. thats stupid why would the leafs wear bugundy, its ot in their colour scheme, but for the avs blue is in the clour scheme and its also the alternate colour so why not use it on the alternate jersey. i like the blue and all but i think they should have gone with the bigfoot logo on the from instead of the plain colorado lettering, Plus, the NHL is going stronger than ever. More and more votes keep coming in on the logo polls and I hope to begin accepting uniform concepts very soon. Designers will be required to work within a specific template as far as submissions but will be completely free to design their jerseys however they'd like. i wasn't a huge fan of the first third jersey however this is a step up, but i have thought the bigfoot would look good on a third since before the original third jersey even came out. And of course, don't forget about Twitter. If you don't have an account, it's no problem. Just keep an eye on the updates in the sidebar right here on the blog. I update it several times a day even when there's nothing new on the blog. When they had their last third jersey, I questioned why it was burgundy. I don't understand teams wearing two jerseys of the same color, since the reason of having an tanner glass jets jersey is to try something different with the look of your team. They can't do that if it's the same color.

I've done some research and asked around among my usual sources and, basically, I can't confirm or deny it. I think the Quebec connection is a bit of a stretch, but he may be right in assuming that, if true, these would probably be nice-looking sweaters. Pretty sure this is it. Chris Creamer has said the jersey will be "light blue with burgundy shoulders and a NYR script" on the sportslogos boards. The diagonal word is a nice reflection of the team's nickname. Imagine if they just used NHL. The blue is better than the burgundy one, as it is a more 'wearable' colour. Would prefer to see a more square shoulder yoke though. Overall very nice and a great departure worthy of being an alternate cheap black bruins jerseys #63.The burgundy ones sure were sharp. That being said, my gut reaction, based on over two years of tracking this type of news, tells me something is fishy. But when isn't it, right? Anyway, it all remains to be seen but I thought I'd at least mention it here because of the coverage its getting. Share your thoughts below on this latest rumor. If in fact this concept does make its way into true form, in no way can I see RBK no the Avalanche going with the four tri-color striped arm bands. If so, why throw black into the equation? it is atrocious, sticking with the Rbk guidelines. I'm all for a nod to the 'diques, but with a black helmet/pants combo on a jersey like that? Stevie Wonder coulda put something better together. I don't understand using the locator on the jerseys that are meant to be worn at home. At least the Rangers have their nickname on their home uniform. It's like how in baseball, most teams wear the nickname at home, but the road jerseys have the city. I know baseball and hockey are different, but it doesn't make sense to me in hockey. You're gonna wear the nhl hockey jerseys cheap at home games, mostly. They already know you're in Colorado. I think I said the same thing about the Stars wearing "Dallas" on their home uniforms. The Nordiques never had black instilled with their uniforms, and other than outlining names, neither have the Avs. If it smells fishy, then it stinks. I'm thinking that an alternate like this is really what's going to happen, and this is just a bad mock-up of the one he's seen. Like the supposed black stripe may actually be dark blue, or something like that and other bits are actually a bit different, so it may actually look a lot better in reality.


Simplification and color should be the hallmark of good jersey

The Boston Bruins are hard at work right now deciding what they'll wear when they take to the frozen pond against the Philadelphia Flyers at Fenway Park this January. The Boston Globe had some interesting notes regarding the discussions and a few quotes worth repeating. No one has hit it as big as the Penguins with an alternate Cheap Bruins jersey. I think the Chicago Blackhawks are hoping to grab a little piece of their success by turning their Winter Classic uniforms into an alternate for the upcoming season. You can find the full article by Fluto Shinzawa here or read it with the Icethetics commentary that follows. The mustard yellow could work in the context of the Winter Classic but I say they go with something out of the ordinary. Brown is definitely out of the ordinary. I also think that some version of the logo currently seen on the third jersey should not be out of the question. After all, it too is based on the Bs' logo history. It needs to stand out from the Bruins' current home and road sweaters, which are widely considered to be among the best in the league right now. Hmmm, I don't think it would have been removed for the criticism of the past jerseys, as those were part of the former Disney Ownership era, something I believe the new look ducks are trying to distance themselves from. That being said, it needs to be better than or on level with these. That would mean that the only possible explanation is that management didn't like his inviting of people sending in third Cheap Lightning NHL Jersey concepts, maybe in the fear that someone would send something close to what is actually planned: they don't want someone claiming their design was used and therefore asking for compensation? A disappointing design will take a lot of the steam out overall feel of the game.

I want to see one photoshopped to look like a MLB Jersey Cheap, seeing as they're in Fenway an all. Or maybe Celtics colors? Not that I'm totally against the Brown jerseys. Those were pretty sweet too. I'm all for that, or their 75th anniversary jerseys, with a different logo. what about the flyers? i heard word that they would be making a white version to counteract their current third, and those two jerseys in turn would become the team's everyday jerseys. any truth to that? Not a thing, really. I've been getting emails a lot this week asking if I know what the Bruins and Flyers will be wearing at Fenway Park. At this point, no decision has been made public, if one has even been made. Here's my opinion on that: Last year's Winter Classic made many think that the New Year's Day jerseys have to be more than just special, that they have to be drastically different. But look at Pittsburgh and Buffalo in 2008. The Penguins and Sabres went back to the '70s. The Blackhawks and Red Wings have an even longer past and were therefore able to dig even deeper. But this notion that the Flyers should wear Quakers uniforms simply because they had the same colors or were based in the same city makes no sense. They were two completely separate franchises. It's like the Wild wearing North Stars throwbacks. In each case, these teams have simply gone back into their own history for a throwback uniform they haven't worn in a while. That aside, the second question I keep getting is "What do you think they'll be wearing?" That usually comes along with a concept somehow incorporating the Philadelphia Quakers. As for the B's, I'd love it if they found a brown jersey to go with, or even a yellow one. However, all signs point to yet another black ricky vaughn jersey for sale for the Bruins, so I'm at least hoping for the big B rather than the spoked one. Perhaps Adam has an inside scoop and his mock-up is one already being discussed? Good reason for them to pull it.

On the topic of the NHL logo ad, I had already read the whole article before it had been removed. I don't know what they're trying to do, or the reason why they took it down, but I think we can all anticipate a Canucks Jerseys on sale by the Ducks, whenever they do come out with one. technically the Oilers logo is incorrect and old as well. As can be seen on their web site redesign they are still using the copper oil drop with the red circle around the logo as the team logo and not the 80's logo. Interesting you talk about the Quakers. The New York Rangers adapted the name as their farm team at one point and now, the team is actually in the NHL now. I remember talking about those days when I was backing up. A lot of interesting stories. It's like waking up from a dream and trying to remember it. Yet the harder you grasp for details the scarcer they become. A mystery has been brewing in Anaheim. A third jersey mystery. I can't claim to solve it but I will present all of the facts I am aware of. That scathing review at the beginning is a little surprising coming from someone who works in the department whose job it is to make the team look good. Perhaps that's the reason the entry was removed. Or perhaps not. He did liken the 1995 third jersey to New Coke after all. As for the last part, I removed his email address so you guys don't bug him with concepts that, despite what he's written there, will likely never be posted on his blog. Instead, if you're so inclined, email them to me and I may post them here or on Twitter. Since I've posted the article in its entirety, I think to comment further on it would simply be redundant. You know what I think. Instead, I want to know what you guys think. First, of the content of the article and second, its swift removal from the Ducks' web site. And is there some type of conspiracy at work here to stifle any third Cheap NFL Jersey news coming out of Anaheim? If this guy was an independent, he could write about whatever he'd like, but if he's hired to promote the organization, he doesn't have that freedom to publicly criticize his employers on their own Web site. And below is a screenshot of Brady's blog before the bizarre disappearance just in case you want proof.

Makes them look like NHL jerseys

At that time the Wild had barely played a season but team management was already looking into the possibility of a third nhl black ice jerseys. It would be 2003 before the Wild actually debuted one, but it was on their radar even then. And if you look at image in the linked gallery, it's nearly the same design but with the green and wheat swapped and without the alternate shoulder logo. Try to imagine the red swapped with green. Could we be looking at an earlier version of the Wild's upcoming third jersey. I'm not sure about this jersey. It looks a little too much like a baseball uniform to me. Why not just bring back the solid green former primary jerseys? Those would be badass, plus since 2007 there has been a lack of green in the NHL. And if so, what do you think. Does the script suit the classic look Minnesota strives for. One thing I want to make note of that makes me question whether these are legitimate prototypes. If you look closely at the shoulder patches on both of these designs, the logos are upside down. A simple mistake for a design firm on unofficial artwork. Perhaps, but it's worth pointing out anyway. Or does it fall flat and ruin the club's aesthetic. Being a loyal Wild fan, I really don't know what to think about them. Image looks really sharp, but I don't know if its really a proHockey Jersey cheap. I think it looks too collegiate personally. But who knows, we will all find out in September.

I think Jersey is basically exactly the same thing they've had in the past, plus green instead of the wheat color. That being said, having seen teams like the Oilers, Islanders, Canucks, Bruins, and Maple Leafs all going to throwback/past years uniforms for their new alternate, I think a green version is exactly what we're gonna see. They seriously need to produce a green claude giroux black ice premier. Wild uniforms have always looked like they belonged on a roller-hockey rink. To me the conversation should not be happening because we should be called the Minnesota Blue Oxen. The color-spectrum of green is seriously underused in today's NHL since the Stars apparently have become afraid of their own team colors, let alone their logo. Way too much blue and red going on in the league, not enough green. Wild, make it happen. The only other team that uses any shade of green in any capacity other than the Stars and the Wild is Vancouver, who have it as a secondary trim color. Then we mix in some classic blue and blue using Maine's jerseys as a staring point and look out Stanley Cup! they look like they`re from the fifties, the original from when they entered the league, home and away look much nicer. And why not wear white at home again. The Flyers also added winger Ian Laperriere who's known more for penalty minutes than anything else. Though it's not clear in this picture, Laperriere will wear nhl jerseys. He debuted with the St. Louis Blues in 1994 with No. 22 on his back, keeping it during a brief stint with the Rangers in 1995 and during his nine-season tenure with the Kings. hat Senators third hunter pence cream jersey has never looked better... from the back. God, I can't stand the front. Y'all know why. Also, Kovalev looks a bit like Bouwmeester to me.

Brian Boucher is actually returning to the club that drafted him in 1995 and will return to the No. 33 he first wore as a rookie in 1999. Since leaving for Phoenix in 2002, Boucher has logged a lot of miles. Does anyone know why the leafs haven't done any press conferences like this yet? Are they just waiting until they can do one big one, or do they just not feel the need since they get enough publicity as it is? He managed to keep his number there and for three games in Calgary, I dont know if you cover the Central hockey league. but recently they introduced two new teams. the missouri mavericks and allen americans. i dont think either team has introduced blake wheeler jersey winnipeg yet but both have logos. also in the international hockey league they introduced two new teams. but lost it in 2006 to Adrian Aucoin in Chicago and then Fredrik Modin in Columbus, where he donned No. 31 and No. 35, respectively. He finally got it back with San Jose two years ago. one which you have covered, the other new team is the Dayton Gems which have unveiled a logo but no jersey. and in the sphl you have been following the pensacola ice flyers logo competition. the sphl also welcomed the mississippi surge to the league. the team has no NHL Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey yet but a nice logo. the louisiana ice gators resurfaced in the sphl and will begin play this season.