Men's fashion black and white Air Jordan Shoes

Air Jordan Shoes is no longer the President of the patents, and now men Air Jordan Shoes has become a loyal customer. Released the latest Milan Fashion Week Spring 2011, the luxury brand Prada released their latest design shoes for men. These shoes may be called more suitable platform shoes, the design concept is to increase the vertical height, lengthen the leg line, so that men more confident.

In fact, ladies wear Air Jordan Shoes for men is really not too concerned about. You know, Air Jordan Shoes was originally designed originally for men. Early 16th century, people riding knight in order to solve the sliding foot in the stirrup in the issue, which elevate the heel. The French monarch Louis XIV's personal achievements of the Air Jordan Shoes hobby was popular, but it was Air Jordan Shoes are mainly men wearing.

However, in women seeking Korean Cheap Jordan Shoes successful usurper of today, men want to take back the "throne" is not impossible. Cone with, and ankle boots, this man's Air Jordan Shoes in no way inferior to a woman. Prada's design to take a compromise approach, compared to "Hentian high" in height and bizarre shoes, this shoe is more likely to be ordinary people to accept, with complicated designs Prada shoes, men's Air Jordan Shoes decorated in simple style to bring out the man's masculinity. If you do not satisfied on the height, then choose this two-manJordan 13 Shoe now!

In fact, Jordan Shoes have too much trouble when. Shortly after her second child was born during the days, I work and two children in between the busy tired bear, and feel overwhelmed. There Tianzao God before dawn, they muddle drove to work, until the company's parking lot, the car put out the fire, people out of the car, his legs while the ground of that moment, suddenly aware of the worse still, his eyes downcast to the foot of the sweep - God, a bright yellow Cheap Jordan Shoes, a dark Air Jordan Shoes, impressively points to wear both feet! Now days has a large bright, do not remember how he is limping walk from the office building parking lot. Night back home, but could not help but tease Mr. although painful: "I work on one pair of Jordan Shoes, how it will not fork out this child!"

However, in this life a favorite, but I do not aspire to have a whole summer with a pair of 2011 Jordan Shoes. That was when I read sophomore on the pair of Jordan 2011 Shoes love at first sight, a very simple style, crossing the wide tape, with flat, brown, leather, not dazzling, but it is visible from the really good material. I imagine wearing this pair of Jordan Shoes on their feet look like - I want toenails painted bright red, contrasting this dual Jordan Shoes of the plain. I imagined he wearing a pair of Jordan Shoes danced in the grass ran aerodromes; I imagine a summer Showers sudden, in order to prevent too much water soaked Jordan Shoes, I Fengpao in the rain, splashing behind from a spray ... ...

But this is a pair price of $ 50 Jordan Shoes. 50 yuan is the time for me to eat a whole month with the money, I have no money to buy a pair of Jordan Shoes, I can not ask parents to this extra money to satisfy my ambition.

Summer passed, and I did not have this pair of shoes; when the summer come again, I still think of these shoes, although to save up money but could not find this Jordan Shoes; many years later, while I can buy Many even afford one pair of double this Jordan Shoes, they are already no longer suitable for my age, I also want to have the desire to light up. But I know, this life of love, this pair is still yearning for a summer, but can not afford air jordan shoes for sale.


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