One pair of shoes fell into the water

More than 10 years Qian, I and I of another half together to township handling married card, because procedures comparison trouble, until we got red red of two this married certificate Shi, sky has near evening, may home of distance also a dozen in, we rush road, dang go to a place names called Yam factory of when, I on recommendations had xitan short cut home, but she has never been no walked xitan road, I said: "today, let I Dang a back Zhu bajie, back daughter-in-law had Creek 's. ”

When you cross the River, I wear in the feet Jordan Shoes Cheap Sandals gave her custody, up the BOTTOM, pick up the xiaoxifu happily started cautiously, step by step, a little something back to the xitan Central, I turned my head on with pride xiaoxifu says, "this sea, when I was studying at the Central School, Every day, so many years have passed, you see, my young sth "my voice is still declining, foot slipped and all of a sudden, a little off balance and almost fell, but fortunately my agility, just keeping the body, but there is an unexpected thing that has happened. Xiaoxifu in order to get hold of me on the shoulder, loose shoes in hand. Hurriedly only hear her voice: "Oh, Air Jordan Shoes, Air Jordan Shoes, Air Jordan Shoes are water washed away sth" three-step and I hasten to do two steps, first sent her to the shore, a pair of poor Connell, they drift, and sinking a floating ground is 50 meters away from us.

jordan 2011 for saleOur barefoot along the xitan, trying to catch up. Wonder Cheap Jordan 2011 Shoes don't sink, has had rushed to the River TAM can hardly be found again. Oh, this pair of shoes is still quite Connell will "swim", by river TAM, spiky head still exposed on the surface of it!

At that time happens to be the beginning of March, Brooks is still some cold, but I can't take so much, "splash" went down with a water, struggled to swim to the River TAM. After some effort, both shoes Connell finally "be saved". On the coast, pour off the water in the Air Jordan Shoes, and look at shoes "aftermath" look mushy sth My heart is very distressed.

Do not hide from you that this pair of shoes is my "love gift", was the day earlier, bought xiaoxifu working sent me, that I was "first time" put it on, really did not expect to encounter such a bad thing.

After returning home, we too late for supper, immediately begin processing shoe the body, "had enough" of water. First with soft facial tissue to absorb water, small Pack facial tissue nearly ten packages. Shortly afterwards, we use hair dryer minimal wind, blow longer distances more than half an hour. Look at the spirit of the Air Jordan Shoes a lot and I only placed him in a window, let it blow natural wind blowing.

jordan max 3Get up the next day, I do have a hint of warm sunshine and take out the Air Jordan Shoes Sun-Sun, until noon to recover, give him shoes oil sth Hey, Jordan Air Max 3 finally good!

This pair of "aftermath" shoes, and later accompanied me through a three-year long unforgettable time.

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