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ugg bailey boots, ugg classic tallAnd those UGG Bailey Boots compare, more people choose to travel to celebrate this year's "long holiday". According to surveys, this year is expected to exceed 100 million number of trips, most are calendar year, together with two false and this year, also allowing more people to join a crowded holiday surge is full of charm, even fashion have followed the wind vane turn, fresh wind up for the holiday, give people a lot easier on the senses.

See season already Ruqiu, weather is getting cooler, they gradually relax to UV prudent. In fact, experts have long pointed out that, even in autumn and winter it's cold, people also need to the Sun, her father-in-law to preparedness, especially long exposure like was away on holiday in the Sun, people need more basic protection measures, and Cheap UGG Bailey Boots is the classic one of the choices. Classic does not mean old, newly designed sunglasses combine high tech u disk, had to hand it to architect ultra high imagination. In addition to the Classic Boots, dark dark green and light outside the copse to position adjustment, particular with beautiful and elegant black and deep dark green and Black Pearl-color package frames, simple future space is filled with the breath.

Precise timing tools for boys must be required to travel, although much has been used to tell time using a mobile phone, but boy, UGG Tall Boots significance of woman like cosmetics, Often than practical, more often a formalist Jingyi attitude. Success in car ads we exaggerate the ZENITH chronograph Tourbillon is one of the eccentric designs have always let people have the greatest esteem for 11 points. Rose metal color dial and leather straps to keep the atmosphere at the same time, men also have a sense of stylish jumps, people have to love.

Tall UGG Boots join the national day holiday this year somewhat different, also make family vacation a big hit, just think happy traveling with their family, can also in the Mid-Autumn Festival along the way, Unique festivals estimated hundred years can hardly meet again. Of course, since it is a mid-Autumn Festival, and ultimately, eating moon cakes with their family. Chuanning Royal ceremonies Grand noble Earl and United Kingdom breakfast tea are grouped together, so that when people enjoy moon cake, tea and the taste, which not only can bring out the moon cake, sweet, flavor, taste can also be hierarchical, so memorable, very much in the fashion of native health life philosophy.

When it comes to relaxing holidays, not only will the girls themselves in the Bohemian style of thought has always been passionate and romantic. No, debut Ugg Classic Tall shows a new Supermodel of Midwest in spring and summer on synthesising to put on the Lake blue chiffon long dresses. Stacked cake design coupled with far knee length, have some exotic. By the clothing designers are hoping to pass a "flight to dream travel net" feel, so a lot of natural materials, and filled the national style of small accessories. Midwest wore a bead chain-style headdress and unique small handbags, design fully retain their ethnic customs also, and long skirts make exquisite combination.

If you're still around and pleasant goat go Kitty Cat, then you probably already out of the picture. To know the holidays wind spread far more potential than one mind imagine, not only of waves of invasion and occupation of a large number of fashion, but as an alternative source of inspiration for doll, made the most this season in dolls NICI. This coming from Germany on Qi series wild friends doll from modeling, also is on the moral enough to conquer people's hearts. Confidence charismatic, loved Italy pasta and coffee also have a passion for Lions clubs arsenal has become one of the "soul", which represents a new generation of urban male and well received by man to like. With the recent few years Bailey Button Triplet sale accession of family fun offers up even more.

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