UGG Cardy during autumn and winter its debut

Fit closely cropped, rich vivid color, so submit because of fear of style, cannot stop the lure of winter UGG Cardy Boots This is the next series of incredible. A series of designs, elegant, fashion, creative, charming forth One by one of the surprises.

New woman – minimalism desire for seeking change in response. Small textile or knitted coats as embracing the future trend of the pass, luxurious materials, light-up drive, pairing knee-pants, skirts, elastic step on foot bottom short coats and little shawl. Dominated by black and earth tones. Sweet women – this series of uniform style with a touch of rough, there are infinite tenderness. Green design, UGG Cardy Chocolate, even the hat jacket, bag work trousers.But women who will not love the soft skirt bottom and small cross coat dress, knitting, or lilac color, apricot stone shawls or snow? Qingruan cloth, silky cotton, washed leather, let's do a sweet female officers.

Lady Knight – on a motorcycle and elegant style. Umbrella-shaped half skirt, a little UGG Cardy White, Knight coat, sash a short coat. Patterns, romantic flowers combined with pop culture, there are sunset hues, tar and smoke grey thin knitting. Be a smart Lady. Polar order of the day – in the cold weather season, bright colours and knitting indispensable, it gives you a volume v in the warm feeling. The latest jackets fashion is like thick knitted textile fabrics, and even Cap wool Duffel coats and down jackets and coats, with striped sweaters and Cardy ugg boots.Umbrella Ballet skirt and wool even skirts will be able to meet the mouse style bolder woman.

Emotional cities – to nude black, lining mesh knit cotton, Executive-striped cotton, embroidered fish net. More black, subject to the "new art group" flowers emerge in thin cotton slip or chrome details and decoration.Seamless Lycra Lycra lozenge pattern of mixed flower prints, the us stand in our way at first sight.

Natural atmosphere – warm and comfortable, day-time or casual wear for both. UGG Cardy styles include: convex flower animal prints in a meticulous satin, flesh pink or grey silky dawn design emphasizes exquisite lightness of viscose, pajamas, silky cream Huang Weiyi in light flower embroidery. Hamlets and love winter – brilliant autumn hues--Moss colors, chestnut color, pink-Litchi-printed chiffon to the nets Gerry lace, striped cotton cashmere pajamas, soft catch wool cloak-a morning coat, gold and silver yarn rib cotton t-shirt. Room warm in winter – from the BRA to a morning coat to the people who warm the skin texture. Bottle-pink, purple and green appear in stripes, flowers, or seamless Jacquard cloth.

School style – a lot of green and Pink Plaid cotton peace grain knitted underwear, Cardy UGG Boots and household clothing Lint and fine sand sanding grab woolen manufacturing. Campus is so cool – football fan boys dressing style. Lovely "Mickey Mouse" signs everywhere. Colorful design elegant daily boys clothing, sewing Mickey silhouette green flag.Campus accessories is also available with the series, gives little boy cool to go to school. Man Wo – handsome little boy: dark blue, grass green and Brown, whether monochrome or color mixer check, type. Shine nylon cheap ugg Cardy Boots, check coat, striped and lozenge pattern sweater. Decorated with a large number of badges.

Old style – white and fade effect of old denim and brown corduroy, rich details and embroidery, antique United States style. Styles include cotton wool Plaid Shirt, mottled mottled sweater. Of the rebellious young – a black and red, with stud and silver foil pattern. Short jackets tight-fitting jeans distribution, type. Also joining camouflage or leather as a decoration. Retro movement – a light style, 70-style sports shots. Strip rolling block ornaments, chrome and two-color theme. M grey and white coat of the CAP even distribution with mustard colored objects, so a passionate young man.

Royal Navy-the breath of nature-rich dark blue jackets and camouflage pants, prefix the words or patterns in red.Other than black and wine red is deep blue's main color. Adventure boy – specifically without fear the cold wind, love climbing boy and design. Long jacket and short jackets and cotton cashmere lining and synthetic fur trim.Stripe sweater and hand-woven sweaters twist to the grain. Plaid Shirt is a must-have items. This winter Undercolors series discarded flat colour, style to show creativity and innovation. Novel combination of color and design, creating a stunning effect. Regardless of material, detail, and texture are emphasized the beauty and charm. Subtle and elegant style of perceptual city-black and white, only brand logo decoration. T-shirts, shorts and underwear and seamless plain weave cotton fabric manufacturing.

School of style-very masculine design, including shallow striped cotton shorts flat foot, seamless underwear and shorts with lozenge pattern pattern banded, or prefix to a lattice or animal prints patterned elastic straps. Comfortable cheap ugg Cardy Boots or pyjama trousers: lattice.

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