Sheepskin UGG snow boots

First of all I would like to say is that women are selected boots first based on her figure to select, which looks very good boots to wear may not be suitable for you in the future, may be more exposed the shortcomings of you, we have to do is find boots that most disadvantages. Stout lower leg: when in the selection of UGG Classic boots, the best style of discarded too tight in the cortex, in particular horses of such material, may wish to select scale better, down your leg-stretch material, such as the soft beauty of shoe made of leather.

As we all know, UGG Classic boots is the integration of sheep fur sewing together of the raw materials used, the best raw materials is the integration of Australian origin natural sheep fur. Sheep skins one of what is the cost of raw materials? UGG wholesale xiaobian solemnly tell you: a case study of bailey buttons uggs , a pair of UGG boots, real pure Aussie sheep fur, and cost about $ 30/feet, a pair of boots of leather 6 square feet. Cover material alone cost around $ 180. Production of UGG shoes cost includes: opening + of sole leather cutting + imported sheep fur boots one + bottom + standard + followed by standard card + instructions + maintenance + album high strength corrugated box + wages! The share of the cost on each pair of shoes, at least around 50 Yuan. In fact, there are plant rental and water and electricity, tax cost, and so on. (To remind customers: Please don't take those poor leather, cowhide, fake fur and we even do price comparison. ) Chinese UGG snow boots best quality fur boots is sheep of one snow boots, reliable, warm, technology exquisite detail, is MM's best choice I hope plenty on hand and like the MM are possible and sheep fur UGG snow boots for integrating raw materials, boots more durable and warm and let your legs more beautiful.

Calf: the most important is to make people look, don't choose the kind of simplicity, to select part of the design of the leg is slightly more complex, such as a fold or elastic straps or decorated rope on both sides for a class of.Make people feel UGG snow boots there is sense of space and not in your eyes a note in the round on a flat stretch of the lower leg. Short legs: skirts and shoes cylinders do not end in the most crude place of leg, it is best to match the same color long tube-or short-tube UGG Classic boots, and cover the boots to make the skirt on edge, because beautiful boots visible lines can make you look look slender. bailey buttons boots is definitely missed you.

O-leg (radish leg): fit for stove pipes of slightly more than lower leg boots, in fact, such persons are the best match for a pair of knee-length support hosiery, or simply skirts the knees covered, avoid exposing shortcomings.Length of leg ends at the knee boots, as long as the overall styling and matching boots, can make women become focus of leg length. leg length mm as long as the selection of a pp boots OK. The arrival of winter, a dazzling array of boots all over the lanes on the streets, an endless stream, showing trends of landscape. In the winter is the season wear boots suitable for almost every MM has its own boots. How to choose UGG snow boots, how match bailey button triplet are very important, be sure to let himself become the most beautiful, most value for the money spent, uggs bailey boots wholesale network to tell you.  

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