Let the stars themselves

Wearing UGG Boots things like "Zen", is not available, but only until the moment of the "insight". Thus, some people's fascination with road, others such as maokeng stone. But at the age of about eight or nine times, getting to have a sense of beauty, the opening its own man, very, very important. This person is often called "stars", after all, Classic Cardy Boots the matter, no blessing of music and movies, really nothing compelling. For example, more than 20 years ago, Leslie Cheung in the MV, finger flip hair, or the little tigers fertilizer hundred of mast large pleated trousers; 10 years ago, Jay that before your eyes Hoodie, or Pete Doherty in the Libertines in the band that narrow, unyielding rock outfit sth Don't tell me UGG Cardy Boots, each to be dressed to kill the star were behind a great stylist, in a world where clothes, without their "world view", even the Hedi Slimane or Nicola Formichetti going, I'm afraid there is no convincing.

Last 10 years, you really do not see the style particularly sharp male stars. Impact of possible Kanye West and Edison Chen, can indeed reflected in the fashion of the sale, but have not seen what Cheap Cardy Boots, or at least support one o'clock- The music they represent and their personality, and fashion combination together. But for the vast majority of male stars, who dresses like an idiot, or it could be because the Stylist of the profession too powerful, it is easy to have a real people with personality and submerged in a pile of bizarre brand. Last fall called see an Cardy Black Boots, just Hurts from Manchester City take on electronic Orchestra may be nearly 10 years, most of the dresses of the musicians. Hurts music styles of retro 80 's electronic pop Synth Pop style. Notes of the first analog synthesizer era, let people feel warm and grandiose voice of lead singer Theo Hutchcraft clear out, suddenly pulled back to the sensual pleasures of fashion good times. There is no denying that Hurts really attach considerable importance to Visual rendering of the band, were overflowing in the MV retro and simple atmosphere, almost demanding but it all depends on the details to hold out, not class enemies, smashing qualities are full of fashionable people powder flowing out. This year, so carefully building a visual image of the band really rare.
Of course, Hurts the garment adhering to the meticulous to detail either. Theo Hutchcraft using only one produced oil from Brixton between African hair salons; Adam Anderson the flea markets to buy 10 pounds of vintage pants, and then sent to Lithuania a woman to drive the tailor shop, modify the details. Only 23 years old, Theo Hutchcraft says: "I can't wait to get old, just like David Lynch. I have read his autobiography, he was always up first buttons, say it has given him a sense of security. "They both talk about ways of dressing, and has never involved any pop, all own a share the clothing of the dead brains, to collect here, there, uncomfortable and out are downright has its ownUGG Bailey Button Triplet Chestnut and sweep all the current sharp sense of the cloud.

Lady Gaga is certainly interesting, but it seems that people are looking forward to a Gentleman appears Gaga, David Bowie, after all, good times were faster in the past 40 years. To free up in dresses, have to be full of blood and bile, but really going to have to live, in the troubled entertainment environment, maintain his strange obsession with, to be much, much more. Tom Ford and AMC TV series Mad Man of The Single Man is quite worthy of recommendation. Steady refinement of details, even story time far away, still today also had a blow was the sharp. Purchase Sand UGG Bailey Button Triplet Boots two or three years, these two plays, plus a band, it is enough. Young man see, lacking life.


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