Extraordinary made gorgeous from the ugly to the tide turns

"UGG" managed to find the most important node of the popular series: from fashion icon lead on dissemination and elected by loyal fans, to the public attention and reinterpretation. A few years ago, the so-called "UGG" UGG women boots suddenly swept through Europe and the United States. This fashion who are critical and tough, "in the history of shoes" the most ugly comments in the case of strong large advertising and marketing, support it, this will create in recent years, the world's most irresistible trend. UGG men's boots reversal of click here to view all news photos over the past two years, "UGG" detonation also noted China's popularity. "Person" was meant the same, such as wool Sheepskin UGG boots UglyBoots (ugly shoes), the package, his foot seam up simple, thick and ugly and stupid, but it is qingnuan. Fixi, after the company bought the (use of fine materials must rely on Australia's A-anti-Yang Maopi) and a sense of comfortable foot UGG Australia brand, "UGG" can break the barriers of professional market, consumers more. Generalization of the traditional model is clearly unworkable UGG sandal looks ugly and stupid, it is difficult to match the shoes, fashionable opinion leaders say it is difficult to identify. Therefore, Decker talk about persuading, in other words the fashion world "Lighthouse"-the star. They first try the "UGG then starred in gift" matching "beach" guardian is characterized by actress Pamela paparazzi Chase scenes. Anderson, and astute passing the "UGG" ugg boots shoes for children, accompanied by Anderson's daughter. Foot comfort UGG classic boots wear small Anderson, feet first, in order to install and with children of daughter, Anderson also tried to put on a "made man". A popular curiosity in people who dig the very small number of sensitive jobs, Sussex decided to start a project exposed to the paparazzi who are most often made of stars "published". In 2000, the United States "talk-show Queen" aopulawenfurui in Sussex receipt sent "person" is very like it, and then bought a 350 all staff to give her and show "Pula's favorite" Unit briefed the audience on these shoes. Therefore, more and more people begin to notice the strange shapes of many celebrities love cheap ugg boots, gewennisipateluo, kameilongdiyazi, laiangnaduodikapuliao families and even Spielberg often wear "made man" appears in public and frequent street picture taken of fashion magazines, "leadership" to affect people's daily wear trends.

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