Talk with the girl's winter boots

Classic boots, but a pandemic this winter, with a friend as saying, "This year 10 women and nine on the street is really boots." Ha ha, but I feel that although all the boots, but not the same style of boots, with each person also not the same, so walking in the street, watching the beautiful girls coming and going, or the thousands of people a thousand faces, each flavor. 
Smug, I naturally love the trend of loyal supporters, but has always been my principle is: to grasp the trend, but also to wear clothing with personality, unconventional. So today what I said on my boots for some experience with it. 

In my opinion, clothes and shoes, with a very, very important principle: with a simplified, color harmony. In other words, the body of the dress can not be too complicated nor too simple, not too obtrusive color (of course some wild colors, such as black and white are not so many restrictions on you). This principle naturally also applies to the boots of the match. I think the original intent of women should wear boots to add a point for his men tough it, but now the boots out of this pattern has been limited to: UGG Tall Bomber Boots simple tough, snow boots cute naughty, delicate UGG Bailey Button Boots Sand dignified lady, fur boots decorated with elegant ... ... each category there are countless styles, people simply look dazzling. Faced with so many choices, how can we choose? In the context of limited economic conditions, we should be equipped with the shoe in which several boots it? 
For me personally, first of all, a pair of dark brown calf leather boots are essential, the style should be simple - simple that is wild:) and then the dull dark brown not black (oh personal opinion), than with the black wide. What this will look good with boots, tight jeans, woolen five pants, Skirt ... if the clothes style is also very simple, it is accompanied by a "fancy" point of the necklace, add the finishing touch; if the clothing style more complicated, it just use this simple dual-boots to play the role of convergence. Second, turn down the kind of ugg Tall boots should also prepare a pair of such boots are generally more delicate looking, feminine Oh. Coupled with the same lady of the fishtail skirt, certainly refreshing. (By the way, here interrupted what you want, with a skirt, be sure to remember that no more than skirt the edge of the edge of the boots between the two must leave some gaps, it is best not to overlap, otherwise it will become more rigid. ) As for the color thing, you can color your boots cattle stagger, if want to store a pair of each type, I would choose a pair of dark brown cow leather boots, turned down a pair of black boots. UGG Classic Tall Chestnut Boots.jpgFinally then, a variety of cute or luxurious Classic Tall boots you can not miss those boots with the range generally do not have the above mentioned two so much, but sometimes there really is a color effect. Such as the recently popular snow boots, cute thick Pink Classic Tall Boots coupled with the kind of big thick knitting sweaters, warm and witty; fur boots decorated with cut coupled with a simple, excellent coat texture, color of the skirt or it quality five pants, luxurious, sophisticated sense of almost certain; straps high boots always gives a cool feeling, this time with depends on personal preference, coupled with the quality it can add some charming five pants sense, coupled with jeans would be more more cool ... you ... 
Well, so much to write, how to not think he wanted to finish it, but want to mix the buttons boots entirely clear, I am afraid that is impossible, the new mix is ​​always endless, which rely on the beauty of the the girls to dig up. The above said, just some very general mix of skills, write and share share. Overall, I think he is still the traditional dress like the kind of biased style, not like a very exaggerated, so I would like to own preferences may also more popular it. Said a lot, in fact, the two main points: simple, good quality of UGG buttons boots must be equipped with twelve pairs - will be very high utilization; the rest rely on a variety of styles of boots is the annual accumulation of matter, with to meet their own style, this will be self-confident, of course, and sometimes also a small attempt to innovation, after all, how to dress more beautiful this problem, one should adhere to self, on the one hand have a lot of brains Oh. Finally it, I wish you more beautiful lovely girls

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