Boots UGG snow, sought in classic fashion transformation

 UGG Austraila in many people's minds is from Australia classic devotion. Otherwise, UGG is now is a real United States brand, of course, his history from Australia. Similarly, no one knows UGG origin of the name only UGG this simple letter combinations, Hollywood star severe lumbago, see us-formula in droves.

Some people say that UGG name is ugly (ugly, ugly) evolution, which have a point. A few years ago, domestic production of some friends to see heaven alive UGG snow boots, the first reaction: Wow, this rain is export it?Works good, but I look so heavy, that ugly? In recent years, as we all know UGG Yes Super warm this utility and also slowly come to accept UGG's simple, classic design, and give it a comfortable, Deluxe attracting, over the winter, we will think of UGG.
UGG after more than 30 years of evolution, now continue to join the fashion element, we plan to analyze the change below.
A. 5,815 high classic style.
This style has nearly 30 years of sales history. In the long evolution of the process, is just a form of change.Shape continuously changed to light thin-directions. The pattern inspired by the Hollywood stars, smash, now has been a good pin model. The pattern, chestnut, chocolate, sand, black, 2008 join the grey, grey as the mainstream color now.

B:5825-in-tube classic sections (black, grey, chocolate, sand, chestnut).
This style appeared, 5,815 and almost the same time. 5,815 are high or low the tube complement each other.The pattern inspired by the Hollywood stars, smash.
C. classical reproduction. UGG relies on 5815,5825 these two styles, popular for decades.
UGG 70% these two styles at one point points of market share, while pushing the other styles are flat, UGG according to the material, the pattern property to launch similar models, sale to another number.
D.2009 year launch buttons new, changed the 5815,5825 of old faces, reflects very well in the market. This style with exquisite wooden carving of wood catch, classics are revealed in fashion.

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